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Terms and Conditions
Our Way of Working with Our Customers
Most Companies provide very extensive Standard Terms & Conditions which detail how they deal with their customers. Our approach is very simple. We want you to be content with all the work we do for you and for your customer to be happy. That way you gain more work and so do we. But we also know that sometimes a job does not go entirely to plan. It may be occasional but it can happen from time to time, so we need to explain how we deal with these matters.

So our Standard Terms & Conditions are a straightforward summary of the way we do business:-

Our Standard Terms and Conditions
1. All goods and property which you send to us remain your property.

2. We will look after your goods and property. If we damage these then we will reimburse you with the direct replacement cost.

3. We will work on your goods and property to a high standard. If you are unhappy with the finished product then, we will repeat our work without charge on new goods and property provided by you at your expense.

4. Where we undertake long run jobs we will notify you after the first 2000 copies are produced so that you can undertake an inspection to confirm that you are content.

5. In any event our liability to you will not exceed the direct cost to you of replacement and does not extend to any consequential losses or costs.

6. Payment is due by the Customer 30 days after the Invoice date. Interest at 2% per month may be added for late payment.

7. If you owe us money then we can hold your goods until payment is made.

8. All instructions from Customers are subject to these standard terms and conditions